About Us


We've always been a reliable source

Here at The Microgreenery everything is grown for you.  We work one on one with our customers with open lines of communication to make sure you get everything your plant heart desires.  We want what's best for our plants and you. 


A family that cares

We believe that health starts with what you decide to put in your body.  We want to facilitate that by providing fresh and healthy options for you and your family. Microgreens have 10 to 40 times the nutrients of their adult counterparts.  At the Microgreenery we consider each plant as one of our babies and treat them as such.   


Guaranteed fresh

We can cater to your specific needs.  We have the flexibility to grow what you want, whether it be a new house plant, microgreens for your salad, or a pepper plant that is about ready to fruit. The Mircrogreenery has you covered.