High CBD Hemp

different sizes of the hemp infused coconut oil

Organic Coconut Oil Hemp Love


Coconut oil has many uses and applications in cooking, health, and beauty. Hemp does too, and we have combined there powers with love and offer it to you, our community. Just 3 ingredients, with all of their magic. Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp, and Love. Discover and enjoy the magic of the earth.


Hemp Salve (Rubs)

 We start with our Organic Coconut Oil Hemp Love, and add organic beeswax, shea butter and essential oils that add to the entourage effect of our full spectrum oil. For Topical use only, so rub it into the skin or muscles for a relaxing massage. Varieties include “Lavendar Relax”, “Orange Dream”, and “Chill & Breathe.” Available in small or Massage (large)


Rolled For You Pre-rolls

 Its hemp, wrapped in hemp, with a hemp filter. Using organic Raw King Size papers, each Pre-roll weighs more than a gram and is perfect for splitting with a friend. Comes with glass doob tube and cork. The classy smoke. Rolled for You, with love.


Hemp Flower

Make your own oils, tinctures, teas, smokeables, edibles, topicals, or roll your own hemp joints. Your potions start here.