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Sunflower Microgreens


 Great in smoothies, salads, or sauteed 

Rainbow Chard


Concentrated nutrition in these plant babies, great as a beautful garnish, or to add to any salad

Purple Sango Raddish


Add these to your loaded baked potatoes for a spicy zest! 

Micro Broccoli


Get your kids nutrition in with these cute broccoli babies! Cute and packed full of live vitamins! 

Spicy Salad Mix


A delicious mixture of broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, arugula, red cabbage, southern giant mustard. Great for mexican food, and a little kick in your salads! 

CBD Coconut Oil


Made with Love, grown by friends

Organic Coconut oil infused with High CBD NC Industrial Hemp Floral material

Full Spectrum, all the Love